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Soldier and JCO in Pakistan Army

Join Pakistan Army as a Soldier and Jco.  

Life in PMA (Pakistan Military Academy)

 #Life at #PMA 1 term=6months First Term Training in Pakistan Military Academy Kakul 👉1. First Day The selected candidates report on the given day. Every new cadet enters the PMA Kakul gate with the dreams of becoming General in the future. But very soon, their dreams come to end when they are welcomed by the senior cadets in the academy. The journey of first 6 months start with the cadets punishments in the academy. This is why Pakistan military academy training is famous for. The luggage and suitcases, which the new cadets were carrying with them, become the big burden for them. During the first face to face meeting with the seniors, the new cadets try to make them friends but they don't know soon these seniors are going to slay them. The seniors are famous for shouting and ragging in the academy. 👉2. PMA Kakul Ragging One of my friends was welcomed by the seniors, they said to him to carry his huge suitcase on the head and run 1 km with this condition. You can better guess his

Allama Syed Zameer Akhter Naqwi passes away in Karachi

  Religious scholar Allama Zameer Akhtar Naqvi passes away in Karachi Web Desk On Sep 13, 2020 Last updated Sep 13, 2020 KARACHI: Renowned religious scholar Allama Syed Zameer Akhtar Naqvi has died in Karachi after cardiac arrest, citing family sources, ARY News reported on Saturday. The family sources said that the religious figure Allama Syed Zameer Akhtar Naqvi died of cardiac arrest. He was taken to a non-public hospital where he took his last breath. Naqvi’s body are going to be shifted to Ancholi Imambargah for funeral prayers. He was born on March 24 – 1944 in India’s Lucknow and authored quite 300 books in various fields. The scholar was famous for his lectures on different topics, whereas, Naqvi also performed duties as editor-in-chief of a magazine, Al-Qalam, and president of Mir Anees Academy.

ISSB- Recommended Student

 How to clear ISSB easily –First GTO Day Are you ready for your ISSB tests? Still preparing for ISSB? Have you received your ISSB instructions letter and are a bit worried about ISSB test? Say “No More”. In this post ” How to clear ISSB easily “, I will be telling you some golden tips which would surely increase 70% of your ISSB clearance chances and not just clearance; getting you a “Recommended Letter” with flying colours. Many people asked me about ISSB tips so I decided to write a post for everyone! Please share this post with others fellows out there to ease them with their tensions.   How to clear ISSB easily: Thanks to Allah Almighty, I received my “Recommendation Letter” and when my dad asked about my status through a clerk from GHQ, I was “Strongly Recommended”. I went to ISSB Kohat on 11-15 January 2018. I was from the first batch. I applied for 141 PMA Long Course but it doesn’t matter which course you are applying for, ISSB remains the same as it has been for the past 5-10

Pakistan army jobs (Mujahid Force)

 Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force... Jobs jobs jobs... Mujahid force, Mujahid Force... مجاہد فورس میں بھرتی، پاکستان آرمی میں نوکری۔۔۔ پاکستان آرمی زندہ آباد