Pma long course interview

Interview 28July2020 Rawalpindi centre.
Me:AoA sir.
Major psychiatrist:W slam..Take your seat.
me:Thank you sir.
Maj.P:Your Name?
Me:Zulkifal Ahmed Khan,
Maj.P:Meaning ka hy is ka.
Me:کفالت کرنے والا
Maj.P:Acha..kfalat krny wala.
Maj.P:Army Q join krna chahty hu?
Me:Q k......
Maj.P:English mein btau.
Me:Sir I wnt to serv my life 4 my country.And i also want a life full of adventures and daily Challenges.and inshaAllah pride to serve for the nation will be the greatest reward for me,So that  i choz Army.
Maj.P:Ratt k ay hu.
Me:No sir(with a smile)
Maj.P:Hobbies tu bohat lambi lambi chori hui hein..Fishering,Pets,Watchin Kabaddi,Watching News Chhnls...Acha tu ye btau Geo News Ka owner kon hy.
Me:Meer Shakil ur Rehman.
Maj.P:ARY News dekhty hu?
Me:Yes Sir.
Maj.P: ARY stands for?
Me:Sorry sir....
Maj.P:Acha...tu RT kya hy....
Me:(After 2 to 3 secnds) international News channel hy...
Maj.P: RT Stands for.?
Me:Russia today..
Maj.P..40% of 60...
Maj.P:Acha...Who is Fatima Jinnah....2 minutes speech english..
Me:(After 3 to 5 secnds) Fatima jinnah was the sister of Quaid e Azam M.A.J.She also called mother of nation.She always stand with Quaid e Azam Muhammad ali jinnah And helpd him in working days and nights for 2 Nations theory.She Is a role model for the women of whole muslim Ummah.
Maj.P:For whole muslim ummah..
Me:yes sir..
Maj.P:(With a joking smile)Acha...Middle east countries k name btau?
Me:(I thought middle Asia ka poch rhy)with a cinfidence..Kazakstan,Uzbakstan,Turkmanidtan,Karghyzstaan....
Maj.P:Stop stop...tujy tu kuch nhi aata..bilkul  clean paper ki tarha hu.
Me:Smiled...without losing my cnfidnce..
Maj.P:What is in the east of Afganistan?
Maj.P:What....?Are you sure..
Me:100% sir.
Maj.P:Stop for a while and lookd at me for about 10 secnds..
Me:Without losing my confidence and eye contact..And with a little smile.
Maj.P:Tum Long course mein time waste na kru Soldiers k liye apply kru shayad recomend hu jau..Both of interviewers Laugh at me...
Me:then...Sir Soldier is also a good field but i wanna lead..and i sure i can lead..and i will lead inshaAllah..
Maj.P:Thek hy thek hy..interview clear hu ga tu agy jau gy na ..
Me:with a smile..Aj Issb form ly k jau ga..inshaAllah..
Maj.P:With a smile..ok you can go..
Me:With a smile...Thank You So much sir.
guyz meri English thori weak hy.So you can laugh..😂😝
Best wishes for all of you..💖
Remmbr me in your prayers.
Thank you.
(Zulkifal Ahmed Khan)

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